Upgrades and Repairs

The high energy content in high voltage test circuits can easily damage or destroy the expensive test equipment. Our extensive knowledge of high voltage test equipment and electronics often allows us to repair or upgrade equipment that others can not. While a repair by the original equipment manufacturer is certainly to be preferred, we can help if service for the equipment is otherwise unavailable. We perform repairs to the board and component level, and can design workarounds for outdated and unavailable components.

Equipment upgrades are a way to add modern functionality to serviceable high voltage test equipment.
Besides the examples shown below, we can custom-design a solution for your upgrade problem. Contact us with your requirements!


Upgrade Protects Original Investment

Example Upgrade:

Older Series Resonant Test Set
Robust High Voltage components that last for decades

  • Aging control system
  • No support for modern test protocols
  • MS-DOS with older PLC or relay-logic controls
  • Difficult to maintain the control system reliably
  • Hard to procure outdated spare parts
  • Manufacturer support becoming problematic

Upgrade Solution:

DRPC-1 Resonant Test Set Control

  • All Robust High Voltage components are kept intact
  • Complete plug-compatible replacement for the out-dated controls
  • All modern conveniences including:
    • Flexible automatic test procedures
    • Independent data collection
    • Protocol export to your spreadsheets
    • Built with flexible modern PLCs
    • Multitude of communication options
    • Fiber-optic link isolation from test area
  • Simply move cables back to original control to use as back-up

Detailed Specifications upon Request