Automated Production Tester

DRVT-1000 PD HV TesterDRVT-1000 / DRVT-1100
High Voltage Insulation Partial Discharge, Leakage, and Withstand Tester DRVT-1000 / DRVT-1100
Tests Electronic Isolators, Optocouplers, and Components

  • Custom and Standard Configurations to Meet Your Testing Needs
  • Self-Generates Symmetric 50/60 Hz, up to 10 kV Peak and 500 μA Peak
  • Precise Test Voltage Control
  • Independent of Power Line Voltage, Frequency, and Harmonics
  • Production Versions Optimized for High-Speed Production Testing
  • Options for Single and Four Channel Simultaneous Testing
  • Built-In Automatic Partial Discharge Calibrator
  • Arc Detection and Protection Shuts Down High Voltage within 0.1 ms
  • Optional Resistance Test Adapter DRRA-1000
  • High Voltage Head
  • Handler Interface
  • Flexible Software with Automatic Test Profiles
  • Laboratory Version Optimized for R&D, Prototype and Life Testing
  • Transient-free Test Voltage Supply Operates on 50/60 Hz 110/230 VAC

DRVT-1000 / DRVT-1100 Specification Sheet


DRRA-1000 FrontDRRA-1000
1000 Giga Ω Resistance Test Adapter for DRVT-1000 / DRVT-1100
Connects and controls a Keithley 6517A High Resistance Meter

  • Test Voltage Range ±1,000 VDC
  • Maximum Resistance >1 Tera Ω

DRVT-1000 / DRVT-1100 Specification Sheet