Partial Discharge and RIV

DRIV-1000 PD and RIV Meter with XFMR on whiteDRIV-1000
Partial Discharge and Radio Influence Voltage Meter DRIV-1000
Optimized for Power Transformer and Switchgear Testing

  • Highly Flexible Configuration Options by Modular Design
  • Options to Measure either PD or RIV alone or Both Simultaneously
  • Option to either measure Three or Six Channels Simultaneously, or Multiplexer for Three, Six, or Nine Measurement Channels
  • Semi-Automated single Pushbutton Calibration of PD and RIV Sensitivity
  • Automatic Data Collection of All Channels
  • Collected Data may be Printed or Uploaded in Spreadsheet Format
  • Complies with IEC-60270, IEC-60076-3, IEEE C57.12.90, IEEE C57.113, CISPR Pub. 16, ANSI C63.23, NEMA Pub. 107, and others

Detailed Specifications Upon Request


Active Measuring Impedance DRMI-201
With built-in low noise pre-amplifier

  • Especially for the production testing of long Power Cables
  • Conforms to IEC-60270 and ANSI/ICEA T-24-380 Testing Standards
  • Increases Partial Discharge Detection Sensitivity
  • Successfully used to test reels with more than 7 km (>20,000 ft) of Cable
  • Usable with smaller (500 pF, 1 nF) coupling capacitors
  • Additional Input Protection for the PD Detector

DRMI-201 Specification Sheet


DRCC-05 100 HV Coupling Capacitor on whiteDRCC
Standard and Custom High Voltage Coupling Capacitors type DRCC
Wide Range of High Voltage and Capacitance Ratings

  • Stable Voltage-Independent Capacitance
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Partial Discharge Free (<0.5 pC)
  • High Bandwidth
  • Rugged Design
  • Standard Ratings:
    • 50 kV RMS, 1 nF
    • 100 kV RMS 500 pF, 1 nF
    • 150 kV RMS 10 nF
    • Other Values upon request
  • Base and Corona-free High Voltage Armature included

Detailed Specifications Upon Request


High Voltage PD Calibration Adapter DRCA-105
High Voltage PD Calibration Capacitor 100 pF/100 kV

  • Other Values upon request
  • Can stay Permanently Connected to the Test Circuit
  • Couples to external PD Calibration Generator
  • Line Termination, Surge Protection and Calibration Adjustment included
  • Base and Corona-free High Voltage Armature included

Detailed Specifications Upon Request


Custom Noise Filter Designs

Partial Discharge Noise Filters type DRNF
Noise Filters custom designed for each situation and application

  • Improves Partial Discharge Test Sensitivity and Reduces Interference
  • Might be designed to:
    • Suppress Narrow-Band Interference (local AM radio station)
    • Suppress Ground Current Loops
    • Suppress Power Supply Interference
    • Suppress External Wide-Band Interference
  • Rugged Design
  • Custom Design of Enhanced Insulation Testing
  • Single and Poly-Phase Line Filters and Ground Filters
  • Pi Filter and T Filter Configurations
  • Lowpass, Bandpass, and Highpass filters
  • May be Built-In with other Custom Components for Compact Test Set-Ups

Detailed Specifications Upon Request