AC / DC High Voltage

DRVM-2 frontDRVM-1
One or Two Channel 24-bit Peak Voltmeter DRVM-1
Measures peak/Sqrt(2), RMS, and Rectified Average AC or DC Voltage Channels

  • With Appropriate Connections it can measure RMS Real Power, VA, VAR, and Phase Angle
  • Over and Under Voltage Limits Detection Relay output
  • User-selectable 100 V or 1000 V input Full Scale Ranges
  • RS-232 or RS-485 ModBus RTU Communications

Detailed Specifications Upon Request


Low-Voltage Divider Capacitor DRCL-2
Customized Calibrated Low-Voltage Arm to create a voltage Divider with e.g. a capacitive bushing tap
Contains Overvoltage Protection and independent Ground connection
Detailed Specifications Upon Request


DRGS-1 Ground Switch on whiteDRGS-1
Automatic Ground Switch DRGS-1
Automatic Fail-Safe Ground Switch with Interlock and optional Warning Siren

Complies with:

  • OSHA 1910.269(o) Testing and test facilities
  • OSHA 1926.963 Testing and test facilities
  • IEEE Std 510-1983 IEEE Recommended Practices for Safety in High-Voltage and High-Power Testing
  • IEEE Std 4
  • IEEE Std 43
  • IEEE Std 95
  • IEEE Std 400
  • IEEE Std 432
  • IEEE Std 433, and others

Suitable for High Voltage Test Site System Safety Grounding, Interlock Engineering Controls, and Horn Warnings for fulfilling OSHA Regulations 1910.269(a)(1)(i)(C), 1910.269(o)(1), 1910.269(o)(2)(i), 1910.269(o)(3)(i), 1910.269(o)(4)(ii), 1910.269(o)(4)(v), 1910.269(o)(4)(v)(A), 1910.269(o)(4)(v)(B), 1926.963(d)(2), 1926.963(d)(5), 1926.963(d)(5)(i), 1926.963(d)(5)(ii)

  • Optional Automatic Current Limiting Discharge Resistors
  • Flexible Customized Configurations to meet all your requirements

Detailed Specifications Upon Request